NUIG Information Technology Dept.

Welcome to the Department of IT, Windows Web server used for project web development.
This server is running Windows 2003, IIS with ASP support
If you wish to get an account or database set up on this server please refer to the Support Web pages.
IT Technical Support Pages

If you already have an account on this server then you can use windows explorer to browse/edit your files.
(refer to the information provided to you by email).
- The Web Server Log Files (useful for debugging scripts)
Some Sample Pages :
- Sample script to connect to remote MS SQL server
- Further Samples
- To access sample scripts source

If you require further technical support then Email :

Department Of Information Technology, NUI Galway
Department of Information Technology, National University of Ireland, Galway, Republic of Ireland. - Tel: +353 91 493143 - FAX: +353 91 494501